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Pwner of the Universe.
4th-Mar-2007 01:18 pm [tattoos]
magic bun
Okay so, it has been decided that I'm going to get another tattoo, which is awesome. The problem is I have no idea WHAT to get. This is where you lovely people come in. Under the cut are pictures - two are of the tattoos I already have - the rest are of tats I'm considering getting. So, without further ado

The tats I have.

My devil, lower back, left side.

Mr. Grimm, lover back, right side.

And here are my thoughts on possible new ones.
We all know I'm a geeky girl, so I'll throw out the geeky options first =)

Love this. I'd have mine smaller and higher up on my neck though

Not overly sure about this, but I do think it's adorable. I'd probably get him on my inner wrist or hip.

I thought this would be cute on my big toe, I saw a similar one and liked it.

A good old binary "LOL". Not really sure of where I'd get it, maybe my foot, inner wrist or lower back in the middle below where my other two are. Open to suggestions on this one.

I probably wouldn't actually get this done, but the Horde symbol. Just the symbol, maybe outlined in red.

Definately wouldn't get this but I just love it, the artist has done a fantastic job.

K, these are just some other random ones I like.

Yes, I know. It's the same as Angelina Jolies. But I have always loved this dragon. Hip, back of neck or inner wrist. Hip most likely though.

Yup, from the Blade movies. Hand is the obvious place for this one.

And some Chinese characters. Because a good white demon appreciates her Chinese Master. LOL. Srsly though, I love Chinese characters. All these would go on my inner wrist.

Love. Everyone tends to get love. I do like the character itself, but I'm thinking slightly more individual.






Honestly, I'm open to suggestions. Let me know your opinions.

Thanks all xxx
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